An independent and locally owned pharmacy that brings an excellent patient experience to your community
bellSince 1959, Spencer’s Prescription Pharmacy has been striving to bring and maintain an excellent pharmacy experience to our community and all of Riverside County. We are an independent, locally-owned pharmacy located in the heart of Riverside. Our focus is on treating the whole patient, especially those who suffer from chronic diseases and other complicated conditions. We do all these without compromising our exceptional level of customer service.

We also provide trustworthy, cutting-edge resources dedicated to the development of specialized, custom medications that sets the standard for quality and innovation in the industry. Our professionals will always remain adaptable to changing market conditions while providing and supporting an interactive network that encourages knowledgeable collaboration among healthcare professionals and patients.

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Mission/ Vision

Our mission is to make sure we provide the best services, care, and therapy education to every patient. Our trained pharmacists provide specialized support and help our patients manage their conditions and medications. We work with healthcare providers through each process from start to finish to help them through the complex prior authorization process and to ensure each patient receives the proper treatment.

Do you have questions about our pharmacy? If you do, feel free to let us know about it by sending us a message . You may also call us directly at 951-686-7373.